[The branching narrative workshop was] presented in a way that gave me confidence in being able to follow formula to do this interdependently with the resources provided.

Anonymous participant

Your presentation…on building branching narratives was absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for an engaging and thought provoking session. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tarryn Armour

[The branching narrative workshop] was a great session and modelled that you can have fun whilst you learn.

Maria Sponza

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me sit in on your workshop. Although it was cut to a fast ending it was very well presented.

Billie Brigham

I came in late (online) but I enjoyed the session, I guess I’d really have liked Twine to be part of the session, but I can see the theory or a good narrative is more important to get across. I want lots more of these from Danni and DLF.