Introduction to H5P

H5P is the world’s leading open source HTML5 eLearning content management system. In this workshop we’ll learn how to make fun, engaging and interactive learning objects that test knowledge and learning. These objects can be embedded just about anywhere. Through our nifty Deakin LTI integration, we can choose to share these objects on CloudDeakin, with […]

Open World Learning: Gamifying Student Motivation and Engagement

How do we respond to ongoing problems of student engagement? What if we could use key elements of what inspires millions of video gamers around the world to motivate students in their learning? This workshop explores opportunities afforded by gamification to harness student agency, choice, and exploration for learning and teaching. Workshop facilitators Emily Wade, […]

Branching narratives: a step-by-step approach

Made popular by ‘Choose your own adventure’ books and digital games, a “Choice-Based Narrative is a story that allows for choices to arise at designated junctures within an experience” (Velissaris, 2017, p.16) and are a powerful tool for teaching and learning.  This workshop presents a step by step process of brainstorming and drafting a branching […]