How do we respond to ongoing problems of student engagement? What if we could use key elements of what inspires millions of video gamers around the world to motivate students in their learning? This workshop explores opportunities afforded by gamification to harness student agency, choice, and exploration for learning and teaching. Workshop facilitators Emily Wade, Danielle Teychenne and Adam Brown will showcase Digital Learning innovations from different faculties, with a particular focus on the application of real-world social media to build student community and portfolios, and the possibilities of using interactive and transmedia storytelling to engage diverse cohorts in ways that promote active learning.

Presenters will highlight lessons learned from the ‘Open World Learning’ research and teaching project, which pivots on immersive and narrative-based gamified solutions to enhance student motivation and engagement. Drawing on audience participation and aspects of gamification within the session itself, the panel will unpack the broader relevance and possibilities for educators of replicating elements of arguably the most popular of game genres: ‘sandbox’ style (open-world) games. This genre’s emphasis on exploratory environments, user agency and continuous learning promises considerable value in the Digital Learning space.

When: 28th July

Where: Across all Deakin campuses (excluding Warrnambool) and online via Skype for business.

Facilitator: Danielle Teychenne


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